Saturday, July 19, 2008

Win $100 Cash at

David Shaw at ProTycoon.comt are holding a contest with prizes $100 cash(paypal). It’s very easy to enter the e contest. All you need to do is:

  1. Subscribe to his feed via email. (1 Point)
  2. Write about this contest on your blog with a link back to this post (10 Points)

The Prizes:

Contest Winner:

  • $100 cash via Paypal
  • 125×125 Sidebar Banner for August

Contest Runner-up:

  • 125×125 Sidebar Banner for August
As you can see we have some great prizes for you to win, now lets look at how you can win. The winners for the contest will be decided by picking names at random using The amount of entries you have in the draw is dependant on how many points you earn during the contest. 1 point = 1 entry, so if you have 11 points you will be entered into the draw 11 times, giving you a higher chance of winning.

The contest starts from now and runs until 31st July 2008.

Please visit original contest post for more detail

Win $100 from

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Win A Nintendo Wii or a Flip Mode!

Wow things are heating up on the contest scene and here's another excellent contest you don't want to miss out. Remember the last contest I promoted thru Market Leverage's site? He's back again together with his buddy the University Kid.

They simply amaze me that every time I head to their respective websites I always get suprised with something really good. May it be the coolest knowledge on how to earn money or to the craziest contest available on the net. Speaking of contest. I really love Nintendo Wii and hopefully I can get a chance on taking one home cuz I already signed up for their contest :)

So without further ado here's the mechanics of the contest:

Go go go go go!

(As described by University Kid)

Today’s the 15th and as I promised, this means a cracking contest kicks off. Most of you will have heard of Market Leverage; they’ve been taking the blogosphere by storm, and when I asked them to sponsor something for you guys they were happy to agree. They’re definitely becoming known as one of the best affiliate networks out there, and if you haven’t signed up - do so now. :)

The thing about other contests is that they’re really selfish - generally, the sole purpose of the contest is to help the blogger. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but here’s a contest where you can make a difference… and win a Nintendo Wii and a Flip Mino.

Win A Nintendo Wii

At the present moment, there’s a contest going on called Blogging Idol, with around 100 participants and more than $3,000 in prizes (including spare cash).

Two affiliate managers at Market Leverage - Debby Phillips and Jen Fluker - are training for a 60 mile walk to raise money for breast cancer. They’re looking to raise $45,000 and as of July 7th they had raised $25,000 - if they win Blogging Idol, all prize money will be donated to the cause.

Personally, I never entered to win the prizes, just for the feeling of competition - so if I win, I will also donate all prize money to the fund raising for their breast cancer walk.

This is where you come in! The goal of the competition is to see which blogger can increase readership the most - at the moment, Debby and Jen have seen a readership increase of around 20 readers, and I’ve seen a readership increase of around 60~. By helping them out, you can win two of the hottest tech gadgets around.

First place winner will get a Nintendo Wii. The Wii is one of the most popular consoles around as it not just allows people to face off against each other by physically playing games, but can also be a good way to get into shape. Market Leverage will ship one to your door if you win.

Second place winner will get a Flip Mino. The Mino is a the most advanced Flip camera, with rechargeable batteries, a sleek look and USB enabled so that you can plug it into your computer after taking videos or pictures. I myself won one a few days ago and can’t wait to receive it :)

I don’t like complicated contests, and neither do most of you, I’d think. Which is why I wanted to make this as easy as possible to enter - no jumping through flaming hoops. There are three ways to get entries; each entry counts as your name being put down once in a randomizer. At the end of the month, I’ll choose two names using (hopefully on video).

Ways To Get Entries

Subscribe To Market Leverage via email - Two Entries - COMPULSORY

Enter your email address:

Simply enter your email and confirm (by clicking the link in the confirmation email) and you’ll get two entries. This is compulsory to participate in this contest.

Subscribe To The University Kid via email - Two Entries

Enter your email address: Why Subscribe?

Simply subscribe to this blog via email and you’ll not just get daily posts, but another two entries. This is not compulsory, but I’d appreciate it. :)

Blog About This Contest - Ten Entries

Write a simple blog post on your primary blog (come on guys - this is for a good cause :razz: ) about this contest and mention one reason why Market Leverage and TUK rock. Be creative, be humorous; it’s up to you. You may use your own affiliate link to Market Leverage, and the post can be as short or as long as you want it to be. :)

Remember, Market Leverage will ship this wherever in the world you are. Winners will be announced on August 15th, 2008 on this blog and the winners will have 24 hours to collect their prizes.

If you’d like to donate to towards Debby or Jen’s quest to walk 60 miles for breast cancer, you can do so through this link. This is not required for the contest but even if you can donate a few dollars, do so - skip McDonalds this weekend and put up your money for a good cause. If you want to donate via Paypal, you can buy a Scratchback spot on their blog (costs $5 per slot and you’ll get it until it’s bumped down).

Please let me know that you’re participating by leaving a comment below, as it would be cool to surpass the comment record on this blog (for my last contest - 300+ comments).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HUGE Entrecard Contest to kick off SezWho!

To start off their new partnership with SezWho, here's something new from the EC community. Try kicking your new month and win this prize ^_^

As written by Graham:

I’m not going to lie. We’re on to something HUGE with the Entrecard - SezWho partnership. When you can take a quality blog that isn’t receiving any comments, and give them 10 or 20 high-quality comments per post… that’s revolutionary in our opinion.

So we’re going to GET THE WORD OUT out the only way we know how. By holding an enormous contest. A SECRET enormous contest.

Various different actions will earn you points, and members with the most points will win big Credit prizes!

Points will be awarded as follows:

1.) Installing SezWho on your blog: 100 points

2.) Writing a Blog Post about the partnership: 100 points

3.) Use a “bonus title” for your post: 50 points (get a bonus title by emailing You cannot mention in the post that it is a bonus title.

4.) Tweeting on twitter about the partnership: 50 points

5.) Commenting on SOMEONE ELSE’s post about the partnership (Entrecard or otherwise), and mention your favorite thing about the Entrecard - SezWho partnership: 50 points

There are 350 possible points. So comment on this blog post, link to every “entry” for the contest you have, and tally your score. We’ll confirm the scores manually, and award the following prizes:

1st place for members who earn maximum number of 350 points: 5,000 credits

2nd place for members who earn 300 points: 2000 credits

3rd place for members who earn 250 points: 1000 credits

4th place for members who earn 200 points: 500 credits

Good luck!